Benefits of Wall Beds

Benefits of Wall Beds

Gone are the days of huge rooms, where you could have coffee table beside the bed and study table too with the wardrobe. As the number of people in the cities is increasing, the houses are getting smaller and more cramped.

Today, is the age of Studio Apartments, where the need is to maximise the space, or use the space.

This is where Comfold’s Wall Mounted Beds will come to your rescue!

Convert your room to a study/lounge/activity room during the day (or when not sleeping) and your bedroom by the night!

All you have to do is pull up or pull down the bed using the hydraulic technology.

These wall beds help you to maximise your limited space without having to fell cramped.

Once the bed is up, it will camouflage the wall, with all the area available to you. No more of walking into your furniture every now and then and hurting your little toe!

These wall beds come in range of varieties of transformable designs as:

  1. Wall Beds – These are plain Wall Mounted Beds that camouflage the wall once pulled up and give you all the required space converting your furniture area into usable airy space. Once pulled down, they transform into beds.

  2. Beds transforming into Sofas – Once the bed is folded up, it converts into a comfortable sofa and on opening transforms into a full-size bed

  3. Beds transforming into Study Table – These Study table cum beds convert to Study Table once the bed is pulled up and when pulled down transform to full size beds

With so much variety available at your dispense and that too in an affordable range!

These beds are an ideal buy for, people living in rented houses where they have to adjust a lot of furniture, bachelors, who share apartments and need space as well, families with kids – where they can convert smallest of the rooms available to their kids’ personal bedroom, people in transferrable jobs – as these beds are so compact when folded and hence are easy to shift!