Personal space is important to all of us. But rarely do we think about it when it comes to furnishing our homes. Imagine all the mess, the clutter and the disorder. Comfold believes it’s all about being minimal in today’s world and pro-active about future utility. It’s the sense of ease and comfort that makes the brand unique. Let the comfort unfold with unique concepts in furniture design and execution by self. Comfold is more than expandable furniture; it is about unfolding your space and comfort. 

Comfold is a space-saving furniture brand which helps people innovate their daily living. The brand encourages people to experience comfort and freedom through its portable furniture. It allows people to both travel and live with ease. With this vision in mind, Comfold explores more opportunities to develop and enhance new products. Comfold creates portable and high-quality space saving concepts for daily life. The idea is to change the way people conceptualize the basic use and functionality of furnishing in daily life. Comfold promotes spacious living to empower and innovate everyday life.

The basic idea is your comfort while unfolding the many possibilities from Comfold. Comfort and unfold not only define the very thought behind the products. They also define what the brand stands for. Our products are truly innovative in their compact design: the amount of things our customers can store per unit space is maximized in every way possible. We make sure that our customers' belongings do not get in the way of their spacious and comfortable living. High quality We guarantee that the products are of utmost quality. The materials used, from the rods and connectors to the clothes, are of high durability and strength and will be able to handle a considerable amount of weight. Value for money We promise to deliver quality which is worth the entire investment our customers have put into our brand and products. The functionality and durability of our products mean customers will feel the highest level of satisfaction.